Monday, October 30, 2006

"All out of Zink"
since Friday I've done nothing but sleep, which is a pain in the arse every time I wake up my head feel like a sponge and dripping with sweat. My concentration is holding on by a thread, and my recent project that I was working on has gone to the wall. The only thing I can concentrate on at the moment is the game 1-100 Sunday I knocked them out four times in a row, then it started going down hill. Oh well never mind.
this morning I woke up at three thirty, normally I would have stayed up but my head felt very funny so I needed to lie down, the next time I looked at the clock it said four thirty "not long now and I can get up and go to the gym....arh six o'clock I woke up dashed out of bed ran to the loo and then into the kitchen for a cup of coffee, in side my whole body was shaking and I couldn't pick up my coffee cup, taking a few many deep breaths I finally drank my coffee. Won't be going to the gym this morning but I'm defiantly going this evening with my mate Donna.
take care very one pleasant days and peaceful nights to you all
darthobbit (in a bit of a stew)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Fishy tale

didn't think that I had anything to say today, been on my own for the last three days. Donna my friend went to torque sorry newhaven, no still got it wrong, she went to, pants still cannot remember where she actually went but anyway around six thirty the blasted phone started to ring, I hate phones got a phobia about those things, anyway it was Donna telling me she was on her way home from where ever it was she had been to. As I've mentioned in my earlier blogs I think anyway I have at been put on some new medication for depression and anxiety and one or should I say two of the side affects of this medication is restlessness and interrupted sleep, well that's something which isn't new either I've had very little sleep since the twenty six of June but that is another story and it will take months to tell you all why, but anyway back to today this evening. I had dropped off during the afternoon and when I woke up around five thirty gosh wasn't I in a fuzzy state of mind, I felt like my brain was full of sponge and the sweat was dripping off me. I felt a little peckish and decided to cook myself something to eat, fish fingers jacket potato and left over cauliflower and broccoli cheese dish which I cooked yesterday. Everything was going well I timed every thing down to the last minute using the mirowave for the potato and the oven for the fish fingers and cheese dish.

whilst speaking to Donna on the phone the blasted cooker decided to let me know that it had finished doing it's job and was buzzing like a mad man, not being rude I stayed talking to Donna and to be honest I was rather pleased she had phoned as I was feeling rather anxious and was going to phone Katmul if my anxiety levels had fallen by the time I had my dinner.

as we spoke I heard the front door rattle and being pushed open, this scared the pants of me and I screamed or shouted down the phone that someone was trying to well had got into the flat, my little heart was pounding like a gooden, at first my brain was saying it's smeagle or katmul but the reasoning side of me was saying don't be daft they haven't got keys, I hurled myself across the floor holding the phone receiver for protection what protection daft isn't it. Low and behold there was Donna standing in the middle of the floor still taking to me down the telephone. Realizing the state I was in laughing too I may add so confusing my emotions at present gave me two very big huggs and made me feel so much better. We had a laugh and chuckle and loads of cups of tea and we filled each other on what had been happenings.

now you may be wondering why there is a picture of an octerpuss, well I wanted one, for a project that I'm working on at present and I had been searching the lengh and breath of our little shire to find one with on avail, so I took it upon myself the other day to go to Brighton to the sea life centre (great place to go if you haven't been there and need somewhere to go for the day) anyway I had already seen the exhibits and didn't want to pay as all I wanted was to go to there shop. Well I arrived at the centre only to be confronted by a queue of screaming kids and ragged parents I'd forgotten it was half term holidays, (Oh yes I remember those days glad smeagle has grown up in a nice way mind) anyway I didn't want to cause huffy parents thinking I was trying to push in so I joined the queue. Three quarters of an hour I waited before I even to to the door, and I notice a placard with a map of the inside. To the left of the poster was a sign pointing me to where there shop was. Humming and arhing about whether to jump the queue or not I noticed a lady to my right. polighty I asked her if she had been here before and she said no. Now that I had her attention I asked if she wouldn't mind keeping my place whilst I went to see if I could get into the shop. She said no problem and off I went at first I couldn't see the entrance to the shop as it was disguised so I returned back to my place. The queue was moving so slowly and the people who had already seen the exhibits where leaving through the secret door. This balffled me and I went again to have a look and as luck would have it the last person to leave had left the door open and in I went. I found Fred that's his name and paid for him and left, happy with my purchase I came home and now he's sitting on the shelf waiting to be used for the project.

now that same night as I required Fred Donna phoned to check to see if I was alright, and I told her quite happily that I had required an octopus. At first she had the thinking that it was real and was taking over her bath, "it wouldn't put it past me to actually do something daft like that, I surpise her all the time, apparently "I'm something else" she keeps telling me, oh well I'm full of surpizes me LOL.

so now you all know about where and why I have Fred, but Donna had forgotten, so I darted into my room to show her. I walked back into the sitting room and said "Say hello to Fred"...The poor girl was busy sorting out problems on a game she is doing and hadn't realized I had done what I did, so when she looked to her right she got such an arwful shock she gave out and almighty shout and curled up into a ball on the foot stool. I didn't mean to give her such a shock and forgot all about the impact it would have had on her as she detest spiders very much. It was now my turn to give her a big hug and apologize profusely and many more cups of tea.

well we are even now LOL Fred is back on the shelf where he belongs and I think it's going to be a while before any more tricks are going to be played on each other for the moment.........? Well it is coming up to Halloween isn't it Donna LOL.............

well there you have it another day over and a new one tomorrow I think.........

pleasant dreams very one and have a good one tomorrow


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Inside out, back to front & the big bang "Pants"
After spending a good two hours working on my blogg yesterday afternoon letting you all know what is going on in a Darthobbits life, i pressed the bloody button and bang my blogg went into mega space or is it called inter face, no, thats something you use in dress making? isn'it but any way it's gone and i'm not going out there to find it. well thats the bang bit done.
back to front well thats my dressing gownd putting it on in the dark and going to have a Niagra falls at the ungodly hour of five am i've been on and off for most of the night like a bloody light switch, my alarm clock with tweety pie sitting on top grinning at me saying I thought i'd let you know what time it is, problem is i took it's battary out months ago so it doesn't say anything just glows in the dark it only tell me what bloody time it is.
inside out bit, thats my brain, today i'm deafinitly going to the gym, then do the washing down at the local stream, then catch up on the neigbours, and doctors, they are both tv programmes in the afternoon sad isn'it but there you have it when a Darthobbit is at a loose end ad his battary for his light saver is on the blink or his brain god help his world poor sod, oh yar i did say in my intro that i like finding things well i did find this, does it belong to anyone out there well if it does then it "Pants" to you all it's mine now and i'm keeping it, unless your will to pay a small storeridge fee of course...........oh and thats just for the
i do hope that when i send this post into my blogg it gets there because if it doesn't i'm going to go bang.........keeping hairy toes and fingers crossed
bye bye all pleasent day to you all

Monday, October 23, 2006

"Knocking on wood"
Sunday (yesterday's events)
6.45am all was still, but not quite in the shire, at this ungodly hour of the morning as I stood in the skullary, drinking coffee & smoking (bad habit, unsocialable behavior I know, but won't go into that I know your all shouting give it up, but I'm trying to cut down really I have, at one point I was down to three a day, the the pressures of a darthobbits life at present and recent past has sent my bad hadit into over drive. But like I said I won't go into that just yet.
why my title "knocking on wood"
well having the skullary window open to allow the obknockshus fumes out into the darkness and above the russling of tree branches, I could hear the sounds of knocking, was it a giant woodpecker trying to get back into his home, after Mrs Woodpecker locked him out after a long night out? Or was it an elf child playing the drums, or was it my head playing tricks after watching a marathon of red dwarf? Of which I must admit after the first five disc's and had eaten many eatables I fell into a slumber and retired to my bed at 10.45pm. (Yesterday, that is)
with at least another eight hours to go with red dwarf, (today beginning Sunday) the darkness turned into daylight at ten past seven, the birds sang a very short song as it poured down with rain and as I looked out of the window I found the sauce of the knocking, it was a set of wooden wind chime's hanging from a man made wooden gazebo beginning covered with sprawling ivy. In the distance the cockral late in his calling my dear friend Donna appeared from her slumber to which I once again put on the kettle, for a nice cup of tea.
smeagle my son was still sleeping how does he do it, curling those long legs of his up into a ball and squeeze himself into a two seater settee?
the TV screen turns blue and the little circle in the left hand corner is letting us know that the DVD is beinning loaded and the music and words start to escape from the large speakers, smeagle emergers and sits up his hair sticking out and pointing to all the points of the compass as he drags his pillow to the other end of the settee and falls back and curls up once more. Then we all get lost and emerged into the lives and adventures of Red dwarf

As you can see I'm a little behind and rather confused as this should have been put in on Sunday but once again I have RED Dwarf to blame for this. So if your prepared to read today's blog and have the stomach for more mad ramberling from a darthhobbit a word of warning I should give, or should this be two, one, take a pill, second get my dictionary called KalKat, she will explain, she who knows all and puts me right, well tries too?

pleasant days and peaceful nights to you all.


Saturday, October 21, 2006

woke up at 3am this morning (Saturday) I think, and rolled round the bed, as I ususally do, today is a weekend of fun?

I nominated my self to prepare breakfast for my son smeagle and my friend Donna at six. Why? At this ungodly hour of the morning?

3am in the morning I don't think they would like it that early so I waited.

5.45am I could not longer stay in my bed and went into the kitchen turning on lights switching on appliances and got the pan boiling then carefully placing six eggs carefully mind into the boiling salted water. This can be rather a tricky job placing each egg between two metal spoons, why you may ask? To stop them from cracking and exploding the white stuff, that I'm afraid turns my stomach and the then damaged egg gets thrown into the black plastic bin.

outside darkness was still around and in the distance I heard the cockral cocka doodle doing,
the dippy eggs and stiff soldiers where in there egg cups with there heads off and placed on bean bag trays and then went and delivered them to the sleeping smeagle and Donna.

why you must be asking well I'll now tell you........

it's a red dwarf weekend ten hours may be more going to watch every single episode well going to dam well try to.........

dressed in socks, shorts and dressing gownd and have bean bag at the ready, eatables in the cupboard all i'm waiting for is the curtain to rise and the brains behind the equipment to start it off (Donna).
my son Smeagle is still curled up on the settee hehehehehe but not for long.

i'll get round to introducing myself later on well much later on in fact
so good bye for now
pleasent days and peaceful nights to you all.